Silva Balcanica 21(1): 41-46, doi: 10.3897/silvabalcanica.21.e54699
Sequence-related amplified polymorphism (SRAP) markers, an efficient and affordable tool for evaluation genetic diversity in forest areas
expand article infoTzvetelina Zagorcheva, Krasimir Rusanov, Eirini Bosmali§, Panagiotis Madesis§, Ivan Tsvetkov, Ivan Atanasov
‡ AgroBioInstitute, Agricultural Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria§ Institute of Applied Biosciences, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Thessaloniki, Greece
Open Access

This article describes testing the application of SRAP (sequence-related amplified polymorphism) markers for characterisation of a small set of plants of Quercus coccifera L and samples from 25 other forest tree species. The results suggest that SRAP markers could be used as an affordable and efficient tool for the characterisation of the genetic diversity in populations of tree species as a part of the characterisation of forest biodiversity and the related decision making and management.

SRAP markers, genetic diversity, tree, forest areas