Silva Balcanica 21(2): 71-82, doi: 10.3897/silvabalcanica.21.e56074
General regularities of height-diameter curves in Hungarian oak, sessile oak and Turkey oak high forests
expand article infoRoumen Petrin
‡ Forest Research Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria
Open Access

The height-diameter curves of natural even-aged Hungarian oak, sessile oak and Turkey oak forests in the regions of Staro Oryahovo, Sherba, Tsonevo and Aytos Forestry Districts have been studied. In order to explore the shape of the curves and, in particular, their steepness, the steepness index SI of Douhovnikov (“the method of natural indicators”) was applied. The curves were divided into three groups according to it: flat curves, medium steep curves and steep curves. Both the traditional height-diameter curves and the corresponding relative curves of Tyurin were studied. Consideration of the traditional height-diameter curves gives a certain ground for investigating to-gether the height-diameter curves of Hungarian oak and sessile oak, disregarding the tree species. This inference was confirmed by comparing the relative height-diameter curves for Hungarian oak, sessile oak and Turkey oak with Tyurin’s uniform curve of relative heights. For these comparisons we used the Willcoxon test. A statistically significant great proximity in their shapes was found. As a uniform average curve of relative heights has been established for all tree species, this proximity indicates a possibility of creating a single fan of height-diameter curves for high Hungarian, sessile and Turkey oak.

steepness of curves, Tyurin’s height-diameter cur