Silva Balcanica 23(1): 37-55, doi: 10.3897/silvabalcanica.22.e82756
Silvicultural aspects of the sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus L.) propagation – Overview
expand article infoNasko Iliev, Lyubka Varbeva§, Neno Alexandrov
‡ University of Forestry, Sofia, Bulgaria§ Executive Forest Agency, Sofia, Bulgaria
Open Access

The purpose of this study is to analyze existing silvicultural experience related to the sycamore using literary data in order to optimize future work with the species. The discussion looks into matters related to: ecological requirements, seed propagation, vegetative propagation via rooting of stem cuttings and grafting, natural regeneration specifications, creating and cultivation of forest plantations, growth and productivity of the stands, and silviculture activities dedicated to the production of high-quality timber. 

regeneration, cultivation, fertility, silvicultural systems